Understanding Copper

informs on about 375 pages about Technical, Business and Market Topics in the whole Value Chain of Copper.
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Properties Properties
Copper in the Perodic Table - Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Biological Properties - Influence of Properties on Applications, Workability, Conductivity and Corrosion - Recrystallization
History History
Copper in the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and during Roman Times - Copper in the Middle Ages - The importance of Copper in the industrial Revolution - Copper and the Electrical Age
Properties Occurence
Copper Minerals - Origin of Copper Minerals - Reserves and Ressources of Copper - Distribution of Copper Deposits in the World
Mining Mining
Exploration of a Copper Mine - Production of Copper Concentrates: Getting the Minerals from the Ore Body, Milling, Flotation - Environmental Aspects - Biggest Mines and Mining Companies - Cost Structures - Marketing Copper Concentrates - TC/RCs
Hydrometallurgy Hydrometallurgical Production
Heap and Dump Leaching - Solventextraction/Electrowinning (SX/EW) - Economics - Biggest Leaching Plants
Recycling Smelting and Refining
Sampling and Analytics of Concentrates - Types of Smelting and Converting Operations - Casting Anodes - Electrolytic Refining - Use of By-Products - Environmental Aspects - Biggest Smelters and Refiners - Economics - Leaching of Concentrates
Recycling Recycling
Scrap as an important Copper Ressource - Types of Scrap: New Scrap, Old Scrap, Electronic Scrap, Residues - Sampling of Scrap - Smelting and Refining - Environmental Aspects - Economics - Biggest Recycling Companies
Cathode Cathodes - the Base of all Copper Business
Quality - Brand Registration - Biggest Cathode Producers - LME - Hedging - Trading - Pricing of Copper Products
Products Copper Products
First Use of Copper Cathodes: Wire Rod, Billets, Cakes - Copper Powder - Alloys:Brass, Bronze, HPAs - Semis: Wires, Strip, Foils, Tubes, Profiles - the biggest Cable and Semis Producers- - Copper vs. Aluminium- Cost and Economics - Copper Chemicals
Products Applications
Generation, Transformation and Distribution of Electrical Power - Role of Copper in Renewable Energy - Electrical Motors - Copper in Houses and Cars - Heat Transfer: ACR, Cooling of Computer CPUs
Value Chain Economics from Ore to final Applications
The Value Chain of Copper: Revenues, Financing, Risks, Yield and Scrap Rate - Substitution of Copper - Energy Consumption
Value Chain Appendix
Tables of Coppper Companies: Mines, Smelters and Refiners, Semis Producers - Copper Related Organisations - Literature - Copper Studies