Understanding Copper -
You should know what is behind
the Metal of the Sustainable Development

BookThe first and only Book which covers on 370 pages with a lot of coloured Illustrations and Pictures the whole Value Chain of Copper - Technologies, Markets and Business.
Written by Bernd E. Langner - former Member of the Executive Board of Aurubis AG (Norddeutsche Affinerie)

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On this Website you find even more Basics about copper:

A Glossary which explains nearly 400 (!) terms connected to copper from Flotation to LME, from SX/EW to Cost Curve
from Alloys to Tankhouse. Information partly taken from the book Understanding Copper

A database with nearly 300 companies - partly with production figures - and organizations dealing with copper. Search by Name, Country or field of Activity

Informations about Copper related Events

Links to sources of other Copper related Information

Calculations on Copper
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Now Available! NEW (2022) Book about all Non-Ferrous Metals
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